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Many gaps exist in what is known around teaching students with visual impairments (SVI) about how to use graphs (Rosenblum et al., 2018; Rosenblum & Herzberg, 2015; Zebehazy & Wilton, 2014a;2014b;2014c). When teachers first experience a student with a visual impairment, some of the questions that come to mind are: How can I be sure this student understands what I am saying about these graphs I show on the board? Will this student be able to keep up? The study herein, based on findings from Author (2018), serves as a guide for teachers to consider in the case that SVI enroll in their STEM courses. The author reports findings that answer questions that focus on how to teach SVI so they can be successful in mathematics and science courses, as well as the kinds of individuals who, given their unique training and experience with SVI, can be helpful resources.