Editorial Office

Department of Science & Mathematics LBJ-2270 Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)/ National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) 52 Lomb Memorial Drive Rochester, New York 14623

Thomastine Sarchet-Maher, Co-Editor, RIT/NTID, tasbka@rit.edu

Jessica Williams, Co-Editor, RIT/NTID, jwtnmp@rit.edu

Michele Koomen, Co-Editor, Gustavus Adolphus College, mkoomen@gustavus.edu

Reginald Rogers, Associate Editor, University of Missouri

Jason Nordhaus, Associate Editor, RIT/NTID

Christin Monroe, Associate Editor, Landmark College

Editorial Review Board

L.K. Quinsland, RIT/NTID

Greg P. Stefanich, University of Northern Iowa

Cary Supalo, Purdue University

Jonte' C. Taylor, Pennsylvania State University

SESD Officers

Jonte' C. Taylor, President

Rachel Zimmerman-Brachman, Past-President

Lyla Crawford, Secretary

, Treasurer

Editorial Office Contact Information

Nick Paulus: njpwml@rit.edu

Membership in SESD

Science Education for Students with Disabilities exists to promote and advance the teaching of science and the development of curricula and instructional materials for students at all levels, with any manners of disability in the learning process. Memberships are enthusiastically welcomed. Click for membership information.