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This study examines two classroom teachers’ of students with visual impairments perceptions of middle school students with visual impairments learning of seasonal change and the teaching methods used in their classrooms. These perceptions were compared to data that documented student learning of the science content of seasonal change. The first teacher taught seasonal change concepts to middle school students with visual impairments using traditional instruction methodologies. The second teacher taught the same concepts using inquiry-based methodologies. Both classroom teachers were interviewed in order to probe their thinking about their classroom practices and the strategies they used. Upon completion of the inquiry-based lessons, the inquiry-based teacher stated that she will continue to utilize these lessons in the future and will not change any lessons. The traditional group teacher stated he would not make any changes but would add only a few units before teaching seasons. Both felt that students learned the reasons for seasons. Data showed that students in the traditional group were not as successful as their peers in the inquiry-based group.