We conducted a qualitative review of the research literature on STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) related to high school students with disabilities (SWD). We selected and analyzed 53 articles to answer two questions: (1) How are high-school SWD prepared for careers in STEM? (2) How are educators prepared to support high-school SWD for opportunities in STEM? In answering the first question, four qualitative themes emerged: (a) barriers to STEM, (b) increasing STEM opportunities, (c) STEM readiness in college and career, and (d) STEM identity. In answering the second question, three qualitative themes emerged: (a) individualizing learning and supports for SWD, (b) using technology and collaboration among educators, and (c) professional development for educators. Limitations of this review related to search terms and inclusion criteria. Implications of this review related to the need for more research on STEM enrichment programs, STEM identity, and long-term outcomes.

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