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This work showcases specific adaptations used to make cybersecurity accessible to high school students with visual impairments and blindness (VIB). The rapidly growing field of cybersecurity demands a diverse workforce; however, barriers exist which can deter students with disabilities from studying cybersecurity, let alone pursuing a career in the field. To help overcome this challenge, we launched the first GenCyber camp specifically developed and instructed for high school students with VIB in summer 2019. We created a unique learning environment by combining interactive instructional aids, accessible development environments, and innovative instructional strategies. With intent to show cybersecurity as a viable career option for a diverse workforce, the program outcomes from this work included a clear understanding of the GenCyber Cybersecurity Concepts, sparking interest in cybersecurity careers, and building the confidence to pursue those careers. This material is based upon work supported by the National Security Agency and National Science Foundation through the GenCyber program under award number 19-AL-UAHx-UV-S1.