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Curricula related to sustainability and climate science are being integrated into academic science courses and programs. We set out to assess the knowledge of some of these environmental concepts among a group of Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing (D/d/HH) postsecondary students. A survey that attempted to gauge student understanding and perceptions of climate science was developed, administered to D/d/HH and hearing college students, and analyzed. Preliminary results showed that there could be some gaps in related knowledge among the D/d/HH group. Rasch analysis was then used to assess the quality of the survey for the intended outcomes and improved iterations of the survey were developed and further evaluated for use with D/d/HH students. Through this work, we found that it is important to examine the language contained in the designed instrument in order to assess the true understanding of D/d/HH students (and most likely, other English Language Learners). This study could inform the development of interventions and curricular changes for D/d/HH students related to climate science topics.