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It is a pleasure to receive an invitation to submit a review for the book titled Towards Inclusion of All Learners through Science Teacher Education. The contributors include four wellknown leaders in inclusive science education complemented by a spectrum of authors American and international, in pre-service and graduate science education, pre-service and graduate special education, science research, special education practitioners, classroom teachers, graduate students, and students through case studies and interviews.

The book presents an excellent overview of current practices in schools, descriptions of individual and team efforts to improve practice, and emerging innovations such as the application of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Assistive Technology (AT) as promising possibilities if we are to provide equitable science for students with disabilities. Stories from students; descriptions from practitioners in K-12 education; strategies and experiences from post-secondary methods instructors in science education and special education are interspersed throughout the book. Strategies applying the principles of UDL and scaffolding are shared. Section three contains several highly innovate efforts in practice.