Toy and play as integral childhood components have proven to be crucial in child development. [1] It has been adults’ responsibility to provide children with suitable toys or help them find or make ones. However, this task seems to be challenging about children in war zones. Children that still have the rights to be recognized as children, to spend their time playing delightfully, and to grow peacefully.

In this project, first I examine how wars affect lives. To dig into the effect further, I explore the affected war children as the most vulnerable group of the society. Then I study the possible constraints in the process of designing the experience of play for affected areas. Finally, I propose a new packaging style for the products sent to war zones in a way that children would be able to make their own toys and games with the second use of the packages following instructions.

To ensure that I was able to meet my goal to positively impact the world, later in this document, I will discuss impact of my project in the design world.

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Toys--Design; Children and war; Packaging--Design

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Fall 2018

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Industrial Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Stan Rickel

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Alex Lobos

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Tim Wood


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