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This study investigates the integration of SiGe resonant interband tunneling diodes (RTD) with a standard silicon p-well CMOS process. It is feasible to build the RTD devices on the MOS source/drain regions if the RTD process did not degrade MOS devices. Besides, some etch selectivity issues need to be addressed. MOS transistors were subjected to the thermal cycling of the molecular beam epitaxial growth process and the rapid thermal anneal used in the fabrication of RTDs prior to contact formation. No destructive effects on the operation of NMOS and PMOS devices were observed. NMOS devices exhibited a positive shift of about 100mV in threshold voltage, while transconductance was reduced by about 5%. PMOS devices exhibited under 5% change in both threshold voltage and transconductance. The CMOS devices were proven to be compatible thermally with the RTD device fabrication process.

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