Sarah Cohen

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Charge-coupled devices were fabricated using the existing seven level mask design (Scott Kipperman). Previous attempts at RIT (Scott Kipperman, Michael McGranahan) to fabricate working CCD's have not been successful, perhaps due to time constraints and misprocessed lots. Devices were completed using the current CCD process, while overcoming previous process problems. Results include testing of poly1 and poly2 transistors, and an attempt to test a one-dimensional 8-pixel array electrically. Equivalent capacitors were built, the threshold voltages obtained were 6.84V and 6.62V, respectively. The 8-pixel array was shown to be light sensitive, and conduct current as all three phases were pulsed high. Extensive testing of the one-dimensional arrays, both by electrical injection and photoelectrical generation of minority carriers, still needs to be explored further.

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