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An examination of RIT's AG Associates Heatpulse 410 rapid thermal processing system has been conducted to look at the possibilities of an in-control, high quality, 100A oxide growth process. Some of the complications involved with modifying the existing system to have the oxidation capability are discussed. Growth rate curves for various temperatures have been developed through a designed experiment. MOS capacitors have been fabricated using an optimized 100A recipe to characterize the electrical properties of the oxide.

The process for growing 100A oxides was tested for uniformity, repeatability, and oxide quality. Ellipsometry mapping of the wafers showed a 5.8% uniformity across the oxide surface. The results of the repeatability tests proved the process to be stable from wafer-to-wafer. High and low frequency C-V tests of MOS capacitors showed an effective oxide charge of -6*1011 q/cm. Voltage-ramp breakdown tests resulted in an average breakdown strength of 9mV/cm.

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