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Two 2” Gallium Arsenide wafers underwent MBE deposition processing to create two differing epitaxial layer schemes for processing of MESFET devices. ~ four level process was used to fabricate isolated MESFET structures, diodes, resistors, other test structures, and simple logic gates using Buffered FET Logic (BFL). Two ohmic contact schemes were utilized; Aluminum for an as-deposited contact to InGaAs and AuGe as an alloyed contact to Gags. Results were working MESFETs with pinchoff voltages ranging from -lv to -4V, source to drain saturation currents ranging from 7 to 28 mP~, and transconductances up to 22.4 milliSiemens. Schottky C-V and interdigitated diodes had threshold voltages of 0.4 to 0.6 volts. Logic reliability, however, was very low, with few gates functional.

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