Asadd M. Hosein

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~ process for etching aluminum was developed for a Plasmatrac 2406 Reactive Ion Etcher. The etch gases used were a mixture of silicon tetrachioride (SiC14) and helium (He). ~ SiC14 flow of 35 sccm and He flow of 48 sccm at a chamber pressure of 100 mT and power of 150 watts resulted in an average aluminum etch rate of 1450 Angstroms per minute. Resulting selectivities ratios were 3.2:1 for aluminum to resist, and 30:1 for aluminum to the underlying oxide. The etch uniformity was approximately 27~ and etching of aluminum lines less than 2 microns resulted in an anisotropic etch profile of approximately 75 degrees. This is a working process but further work is required to increase the aluminum etch rate and improve the selectivity to resist.

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