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Silicon-doped hafnium oxide has been shown to exhibit ferroelectric properties under the certain small thicknesses with appropriate applied stress and annealing conditions. Utilizing Si:HfO2 as the dielectric with a TiN capping layer in a ferroelectric field-effect-transistor (FeFET) is promising as a potential emerging memory device due to the ease in integration with standard CMOS process flows. The process developed at RIT was successful in fabricating n-channel FeFETs of varying dimensions. The work done here utilizes a 10 nm thick ALD Si:HfO2 film that has a remnant polarization of 10.34 micrometerC=cm2 and an average memory window of 572.3 mV . The subthreshold characteristics were consistent in both the on and off state with a calculated subthreshold swing around 110 mV=dec.