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The goal of this senior design project was to develop a DSA process for the RIT SMFL and enable further research and teaching opportunities. The objective of this project was to achieve lamellar structure formation using a PS-b-PMMA BCP annealed thermally and in solvent vapor. Thermal annealing of the samples resulted in destructive film oxidation. SVA was carried out on the samples using both toluene and THF and the pattern was revealed using an oxygen RIE. No significant changes in pattern morphology were noted when comparing the toluene and THF SVA processes. Final patterns were observed using the RIT Nano-Imaging Lab SEM. Dense polystyrene pillar morphologies were observed for both blanket and resist patterned samples instead of the expected lamellar morphologies. The polystyrene pillars were observed to form with a mean diameter of 16.8nm and a standard deviation of 2.3nm from a random sampling of 50 pillars from three separate SEM images. A histogram analysis of the pillar diameter shows a right-sided distribution of the diameters of the pillars.

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