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The purpose of this project is to realize infrared photonic waveguides and ring resonators from hydrogenated amorphous silicon (aSi) in the Rochester Institute of Technology Semiconductor & Microsystems Fabrication Laboratory (SMFL). The waveguides are intended to be 250 nm thick; the guidewidth goal is 500nm at its widest, tapered to 100 nm at the ends for boosting coupling success during testing. The waveguide is arranged in a symmetrical Ushape configuration with the guidelegs designed to be approximately 75μm away from each other and 365μm long on each side. The ring is intended to be 40μm in diameter. This paper covers the critical stages of process development which are categorized as follows: 1) the characterization of the doublepatterned iline lithography process required for sub300 nm waveguidetoring spacings on the ASML PAS 5500 stepper, 2) the development of a silicon etch process designed for straight and smooth aSi sidewalls in the STS ASE Deep Silicon etcher, and 3) the testing of the finished devices. Though more process optimization is required, initial testing of the devices showed coupling, which denotes this project to have been a success.

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