CMOSFET Devices - Design, Fabrication and Testing

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Metal-gate CMOS (Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductors) devices were designed, fabricated and tested. The design was actually a simplified test chip, with diffused resistors, individual NMOS and PMOS transistors, and various gates (inverter,NOR,NAND,etc). The fabrication took place with the use of a p-type well in order to fabricate both types of transistors on the same n-type substrate. Testing yielded only working resistors, as difficulties in the metal 1 ization step of fabrication caused the thickness of the gate oxide to reduce significantly enough to cause a direct short between the drain and source regions of both transistor types. This did not allow for a direct determination of necessary future Ion implantation correction doses, but estimates for a range of feasible results were determined.

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