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MicroElectroMechanical System (MEMS) devices are integrations between mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and microelectronic engineering. There are many different applications for MEMS such as micro mirrors, pumps, nozzle, and a plethora of sensor types. The Microelectronic engineering department at Rochester Institute of Technology offers a class in MEMS. Within this class, many MEMS applications are further studied and created, one being a gas flow sensor. In 2008, George Manos created a packaging fabrication process for the RIT flow sensor for further future analysis. Along with the use of the package, Dr. Lynn Fuller and Jessica Marks created the tested sensors. Through fluidic and geometrical analysis the flow channel can be modeled such that input pressures can be correlated to channel dimensions and desired flow out of channel. Furthermore, predicted models of varying channel sizes and flow rate were modeled with 2% to 30% error from experimental and modeled results.

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