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The objective of this project is to fabricate linear metallic patterns based on block copolymer lithography. As the semiconductor industry continue to seek scaling methods, the next breakthroughs in the electronics size barrier are likely to come from devices created out of novel material. Block copolymers have grained considerable potential for nanoelectronics applications such as lithography templates due to its incompatible components self-assemble into well-ordered structures with the scale of 10 to 100nm. In this project, creation of nano-scale structures was attempted via graphoepitaxy, a process where topographically patterned substrate is utilized to control crystallographic orientations. Linear structures of diblock copolymer, Polystyrene-bloek-poly(2-vinylpyridine) (PS b-P2VP) were assembled within micro trenches, followed by chemical etching and decoration with gold nano-particles to form metal wires.

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