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Single crystal silicon photoactive devices using a low-temperature thin-film transistor (TFT) compatible process were designed and manufactured on bulk silicon and silicon-on-insulator (SOT) substrates at the Semiconductor and Microsystems Fabrication Laboratory (SMFL) at RIT. Photodiodes and phototransistors designed with transparent indium-tin oxide (ITO) gates, along with n-type and p-type ITO Schottky test devices were manufactured and investigated. Possible applications for devices investigated here include ondisplay photodetectors, on-display digital logic and possible integration into touchscreen or lightpen sensitive liquid crystal TFT displays.

The photoactive devices were integrated in active pixel sensor (APS) arrangements to determine feasibility of integration into large-field SOT or Silicon on Glass (SiOG) applications. Currently most APS sensors fabricated using standard bulk silicon processes are incompatible with TFT processing due to temperature constraints; standard TFT processing does not exceed ~66O°C. Device sizes were varied in order to quantify sensitivity due to junction size. Elements of the APS circuit were scaled to enable the acquisition of a transient response.

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