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A design and manufacture of a wireless pressure sensor was proposed as a future tool for use in biological monitoring. This device is designed to acquire pressure changes through a change in capacitance. This is accomplished using a large circular parallel plate capacitor separated by a micron of air. The upper and lower plates are connected together via a large planar inductor on the opposite end of the device. The inductor and capacitor in a parallel form a resonant circuit with resonant frequency equal to one over the square root of inductance times capacitance. The resonant frequency can be dependent on both the inductance and capacitance changes. Since the inductance is fixed, the resonant frequency should change with respect to the capacitance. The capacitance will change as the pressure changes and therefore pressure can be measured through frequency. In the process of manufacturing this device, many unforeseen problems arose resulting in structural and design failures. These problems along with their discovered solutions will be addressed.

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