Amy Huang

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Organic thin film transistors (OTFTs) are fabricated as bottom gate, top contact devices unlike conventional integrated circuits. Transistors of various dimensions with a top organic polymer layer that acts as a semiconductor known as poly(3,3” dialkylquater thiophene) (PQT-12) have been fabricated and electrically tested. Two processes have been designed prior to spin coating the PQT polymer: a) four heavily doped boron wafers using the back of the wafer as a gate with aluminum and chrome source/drain metal options and b) five moderately doped boron wafers with molybdenum or chrome gates with aluminum or molyb denum source/drains. The devices fabricated on the heavily doped boron wafers performed unfavorably compared to the devices fabricated with metal gates. The threshold voltages (VT) for the devices that exhibited device transfer characteristics were extrapolated approximately -8.5 to -9.0 V. The devices with wafer gates show that Al as a source/drain metal exhibited high gate leakage where VT occurs between -12.0 V to -25.0 V.

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