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The concept of this project was comprised of a proof of concept design with an additional focus on entrepreneurship. To define clearly, this project included the selection of a device to fabricate, where a commercial market opportunity existed, using semiconductor technologies while simultaneously developing a business plan marketed towards further funding. This project required complete design of the Ultra High Value Chip Resistor as well as a process design for fabrication of the resistors. Gigaohm resistance values were achieved and varied with a range between 60- ]6OGohms, with an average of 99.5 Gigaohms, the expected value was 86.6 Gigaohms. Some results may have been skewed by noise and extremely small current levels. Additionally, the devices were subjected to high intensity light and heat, both of which can generate carriers and decrease the resistance values. The devices were shown to have VCR of 5000ppm/*V and TCR of 6250°/SC

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