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For the first time tunnel diodes have been fabricated by Proximity Rapid Thermal Diffusion (PRTD) using spin on sources and the AG Associates 610 Rapid Thermal Annealing Furnace (RTA) at RIT. Initial devices revealed a maximum peak-to-valley current ratio (PVCR) of 1.3 with a peak current density (Jp) of l6mA/cm2 at 300K. A second-generation design involving proximity diffusion of Boron and Phosphorous resulted in a higher Jp, of 3A/cm2 and an elevated PVCR of 1.97 at 300K. The increased performance is attributed to closer matching of the doping profiles via the phosphorous proximity anneal. This paper discusses the method of fabrication, key aspects of proximity diffusion, and lessons learned during evaluation.

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