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Measuring temperature accurately has been and still is a topic of interest in various professional fields such as Astronomy, Biology, Physics and Medicine. An optical pyrometer has great potential in these fields, because it can optically capture a body’s black body radiation and determine a temperature value of the body in question. This technology is well known, yet it is still gaining grounds as new uses are found. In this project a temperature sensor using Mentor Graphics was design, second a four level mask was made into one reticle. Third fabrication of the optical sensor took place using typical process steps in PMOS fabrication. Fourth, a filter out of silica/silicon was made to keep away various wave lengths in the electromagnetic spectrum from the sensor that will just become noise and, fifth testing is in the process of being performed with a known source of black body radiation. A thermal couple is a device that can be constructed by micro machining and molding of microstructures to create a optical pyrometer (an optical temperature sensor). The thermal couple is made by the junction of two metals, and a thermopile is various thermal couples in series, the more elements in series the more accurate it becomes. Aluminum — Polysilicon thermal pile of # 16 elements was constructed. In order to minimize alignment error relative large thermal couples in the order of l0μm by l0μm in pixel size. This project used a 4-mask layer process. Having a fabricated 2 by 8 array of sensor, the double sided polished silica filter will be attached to the entire area of the sensors, and voltage meter will then be attached to the leads of the device and testing of various objects will be done. This type of technology is used today for cost effective way to have temperature sensors in motherboard, temperature sensors, and cheap thermostats. This technology has great potential, especially in areas dealing with CMOS and MEMS.

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