Jesse J. Siman

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Crystalline silicon source/drain FInFET structures were designed, fabricated, and tested at the RIT Semiconductor & Microsystems Fabrication Laboratory (SMFL). Process development was completed using hand calculations, simulations, and similar processing techniques based upon mature RIT semiconductor manufacturing processes. The design under investigation is a dog-bone structure fabricated on SOT substrates. The crystalline silicon source/drain FinFETs exhibited a field effect behavior for all transistor sizes fabricated, however the smaller 1μm FinFETs were more susceptible to background noise. The smallest device, a 1x2μm FInFET yielded VT=1.53V and a drive current of 510 μA with VG=5V. The largest device, a 4x80μm FinFET yielded VT=1.42V and a drive current of 4.1 mA with VG=SV..

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