Matt Shepard

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A novel device was designed and fabricated using Microelectronic and Microeletromechanical systems (MEMS) process procedures. The device was designed to modulate a known wavelength of light using antireflective properties. The mask design was laid out in IC Design portion of Mentor Graphics software package. Device lengths ranging from l5Oum to 300um in length were created including different orientations of etch holes designed for the removal of the sacrificial material. Theoretical modeling of the device, including the applied voltage vs. beam deflection was performed using two-dimensional Fortran program. The result indicates that the smaller devices require a larger amount of voltage than the larger devices, which may be attributed to a larger amount of tension within the beam. A phenomenon called “pull-down” was also observed where the suspended membrane is snapped down to the substrate when the membrane is deflected to 1/3 of the initial gap height. Future work includes the electrical and optical analysis of the devices due to issues associated with the removal of the sacrificial layer.

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