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As VLSI technologies advance, they closely follow Moore’s Law where devices are scaled down to smaller dimensions. Their performances, however are limited by the interconnect system. Introducing a low k dielectric material as an inter-metal dielectric brings a major contribution to the device’s performance improvement. With the advent of Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP), copper has become an ideal metal for interconnect layers. It not only lowers resistance, but also when incorporated with a low k dielectric, it lowers capacitance, thus producing a higher conductivity. Using the environmentally compliant low k dielectric material Flowable Oxide (Fox®-17), which was generously donated by Dow Corning Corporation, these properties were demonstrated. The goal of this study is to, optimize the deposition and curing parameters of Flowable Oxide (Fox®-17) for use in a dual damascene copper process. A stacked film of sputtered tantalum, as the diffusion barrier layer, sputtered copper seed layer and platted copper were deposited and polished to achieve a contact/via connection. A usable dual damascene copper interconnects metallization with low k dielectric constant inter-level dielectric OLD) for a future integrated circuit device generation was developed.

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