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In a manufacturing process environment, It is important to have precise control over all of the steps involved in making the final product. The device yield goes down when the tools go out of specification. This is where the use statistical process control (SPC) charts, aids in the improvement of the entire manufacturing process. SPC charts help by letting the engineer for the tools understand whether the process is resulting in mean of the data that is higher away from the target or vice-versa (is the data reaching the upper control limit or lower control limit). The project explains the proce dures and results of adding statistical process control charts for the Subμ-CMOS process to the WIP (work In progress) tracking software used at Rochester Institute of Technology’s Microelectronic Engineering fabrication facility. Also out of control criteria will need to be setup to know if the process is out of control or not. Out of Control action plans will also be setup. The WIP software package, Manufacturing Execution System Application (MESA), is installed on an IBM iSeries eServer operating 0S1400. This interfaces out to a x86 Wintel PC running Quality Analyst, a statistical software package. Setting up queries in MESA does interfacing between the two programs i.e. MESA and Quality Analyst. The queries that are setup help in generating files on the ASI400 server that can be read by Quality Analyst on the local PC. The control chart for the last few runs on the machine is displayed on the user’s screen, providing instant information about reliability and control. Tool preventive maintenance and Improvement experiments will be more efficient, and manufactured results will have higher yields.

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