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The purpose of this Senior Design project is to design and develop the process for an Anti-Reflective Micromechanical Modulator at RIT’s facility, based on AT&T Bell Laboratories presented device, OFC ‘94). The device is fabricated using common semiconductor materials and is used to reflect a laser signal. There are 2 states of operation: the optically ON state, which reflects the signal, and the optically OFF state, which cancels the signal out through destructive interference. A three-layer mask process was designed on RIT’s IC Layout software, the levels being the Active, Metal, and Sacrificial Evacuation areas. The process steps include 4 Lithography steps, Thermal Oxide, LPCVD Nitride, Spin On Glass, and Chemical Mechanical Planarization. Some processing issues that are dealt with are the CMP of the SOG, the photo patterning of metal on a planar surface, and the removal of the sacrificial material/freeing the membrane. The optical operation of this device is not within the scope of this project.

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