Deepa Gazula

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The objective of this project is to develop a robust process to deposit Tantalum nitride barrier layer for copper metallization. TaN films were reactively sputtered in a twin cathode AC inverted cylindrical magnetron configuration using the lonTech Cyclone sputtering system. The dependence of thickness, resistivity and phase changes as a function of N2 flow rate was studied. A designed experimental approach was used to optimize resistivity and the phases formed. A 10 sccm N2 flow (with 99 sccm Ar) deposited at 4 mTorr and 2 kW pressure gave an amorphous bcc-phase Ta(N) with a low resistivity of about 220 μ Ωcm. Further analysis would be done to study the barrier properties, after depositing copper and doing electrical, structural and chemical characterization.

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