Neil S. Patel

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The goal of this investigation was to develop a cobalt silicide formation process as a stepping stone to investigate a novel patterning technique known as, LOCOSI (LOCal Oxidation of Silicide). Cobalt suicide films were formed by sputter depositing cobalt onto silicon wafers then annealed at temperatures varying from 750 - 1000°C using two methods. The first method was a conventional anneal using a horizontal furnace using a forming gas ambient. The second method was a RTA (Rapid Thermal Anneal) using a nitrogen ambient. The RTA process for silicidation provided essentially a continuous film with minimal cracking, whereas the furnace anneals resulted in noncontinuous cobalt suicide films. The patterning of the films, which requires a patterned oxidation mask similar to the LOCOS (LOCal Oxidation of Silicon) process, was unsuccessful.

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