Mark Grabosky

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Since Integrated Injection Logic was developed in 1972, it has found applications in LSI memories, microprocessors, digital wrist watches, AID and DIA converters, and other custom IC's. The characteristics of a typical IIL gate are comparable to those of CMOS devices. Propagation times as low as 63 ns and power consumptions as small as .01 mW per gate have been achieved in well developed IIL processes. The major benefit that IIL has over other logic families is its relative simplicity. A standard IIL process only requires four masks, (base diffusion, emitter diffusion, contact cuts, and metalli2ation>. No isolation is required for an IIL process thus no epitaxial layer is needed nor is ion implantation or localized oxidation. IIL gates were processed as part of a double diffused bipolar project. Functional tests were performed on NOR and AND gates as to examine aspects of the design and processing. Suggestions for improving device characteristics for future IIL designs are also given.

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