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This paper introduces two microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) based working data logger prototypes and the cloud based data analysis system that were trademarked and patented as Pak-TrackTM-I and Pak-TrackTM-II. The Pak-TrackTM-I is designed to wirelessly record and report information in real time about individually packaged products during transit. The system allows the user to immediately view the data with a Global Positioning System (GPS) location via a secured website or Android tablet or smart phone. The Pak-TrackTM-II is a standalone device that stores all measurements on internal memory without communicating over a network. The cloud based server and website analyzes and displays the data collected to further study the effects that transportation and handling had on the product and package. The lab obtained data are within expected limits for the purpose of validation. Two field tests were conducted, testing the configuration and setup of the sensors, real time monitoring, display, and analysis. Finally, the collected vibration data was sent to Matlab to generate the PSD chart for validating the FFT algorithm used in the system.