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Packaging plays a crucial role in communicating product benefits to consumers. Oftentimes, designers use high visibility enhancements to differentiate packaging within the competitive array. Although luxury brands commonly use enhanced graphical and printing techniques to convey high quality products, many private label package designers are also utilizing enhancements to attract attention to their products. This research sought to understand how incorporating foil stamping to the primary panel of fast moving consumer good packaging will affect consumer attention and purchase preference. Through the collection of quantitative data, consumer attention and purchase preference were evaluated. Three different products were selected for evaluation for the study: popcorn, cereal, and boxed pasta dinners. A total of 172 participants completed the study, which took place in a realistic and immersive shopping environment (CUshop™). Two eye tracking metrics were collected using mobile eye tracking technology. Participants completed a qualitative survey, which recorded basic demographic information. Significance tests were conducted to test for statistical differences in consumer attention behavior as well as purchase decision between the foil and control packages. It was determined that foil stamping did significantly (α =0.05) affect consumer attention towards the respective product compared to the control, yet the effect was not consistent. Eye tracking metrics varied across the products and categories tested; some foil stamped samples positively affected consumer attention, others negatively and some had no effect whatsoever. Results show that foil stamping can be a highly strategic influencer (both positively and negatively) on consumer attention and purchase decision. However, it is recommended that this enhancement be tested within an in-context environment to ensure it benefits the brand and product within the competitive array.