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The paper investigates tactile attributes of food wrapping materials in Thailand based on Kansei Engineering and finds that 1) there are two major Kansei dimensions in tactile sense of food wrapping materials, 2) the emotion of "like" constitutes one of the two dimensions both with "smooth" and "natural", and 3) the most favorable wrapping material for Thai is "plastic foam" among nine different wrapping materials; plastic bag, aluminum foil, plastic film, paper, banana leaf, wax paper, plastic net, plastic air bubble and plastic foam. The study was conducted through a questionnaire that asked 6 pairs of emotions about samples; dislike - like, rough - smooth, stable - flexible, tight - wrinkled, fine – fiber and refined - natural. A semantic differential measurement was used for the evaluation and the principal component analysis for the analysis. The study could be applied to the design of many other senses.