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This study measured and analyzed the vibration characteristics of an important component of the air package shipping environment which has not been previously studied or included in the pre-shipment testing of packages. This is the movement of packages between aircraft after they are flown in to an airport-hub and being taken into a facility to conduct a sort, or after being sorted as they are transferred back on to aircraft. These transfers at airport-hubs between trucks, building sortation facilities and aircraft are done using material handling equipment called “dollies” or carts. These carts often are connected with each other into small trains and then pulled by tug motors on aircraft tarmacs. This study measured the vibration levels experienced by these carts or dollies with and without packages placed in dollies in two different sizes of carts. The data was analyzed to determine the vibration characteristics. Results show that existing vibration test methods do not cover the significant high levels of vibration that are used to simulate truck and aircraft shipments in accordance with existing vibration test methods developed by American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) and International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). This paper provides new data on package handling and movement at airport facilities and tarmacs.