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A choice-based conjoint study was conducted sampling 400 individuals to determine their preference for Soft Touch and raised tactile coatings, which are sometimes called Hi Rise or profile coatings. Soft Touch coatings have a velvety, warm feel to them, and Hi Rise coatings simulate embossing with a glossy appearance to them. Both are considered tactile coatings, engaging the sense of touch.

Demographic profile data, level of agreement about statements related to cosmetic packaging and packaging choice set selections were collected. The conjoint sets contained three attributes: design color, tactile coatings, and price.

Design choice was split. Approximately half of the respondents preferred a black design and half preferred a white design. There was no statistically significant difference between the design choices. As anticipated, respondents preferred cheaper prices.

Regarding the tactile coatings, respondents preferred the Hi Rise coating to no coating at all and to the Soft Touch coating. However, when including the interaction of price, the Hi Rise coating did not support a 5% price increase. It did show evidence of some price increase, but not 5%.

The Soft Touch coating was also preferred over no tactile coating by respondents. It showed a statistical interaction effect with price, possibly because of perceived value. Soft Touch tactile coatings were preferred by respondents over no tactile coating, even at a 5% price increase.