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Recently, there is a demand for the development of an eco-friendly surface treatment technology that can replace PTFE coating and hard chrome plating, which are a common process for food packaging equipment. We intended to improve the sliding properties and wear resistance of food packaging equipment by the fine particle bombarding (FPB) process to a metal substrate and depositing diamond like carbon thin film under atmospheric pressure (AP-DLC). These treatments are eco-friendly and low-cost. The Stainless steel substrates treated by FPB showed better sliding properties than the mirror substrate. By FPB treatment, AP-DLC coating was successfully applied to steel substrates without peeling. Also, by coating AP-DLC on the FPB-treated substrate, the width of wear track after the sliding test was reduced by 20% compared to the mirror substrate, and the wear resistance was improved. These results indicate that the metal using the combined treatment of FPB and AP-DLC coating is a promising material for food packaging equipment.