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Moisture sorption isotherms of Teff seed and its flour were determined over the range of relative humidity (11–92%) using a gravimetric technique at constant temperature (27°C). The results obtained showed that the moisture sorption isotherm of both is almost similar and sigmoid with increasing equilibrium water content at the constant temperature. The curves start raising high above 64% RH indicating the products deteriorates faster above 64% RH. Hence the moisture content equilibrating to 64% RH was taken as critical for both Teff seed and flour variants. The sorption isotherm fits the GAB equation as per GAB generalized equation for sorption phenomena (Bioprocess Technol, 2008) with R2>0.96. A nonlinear regression analysis method was used to evaluate the constants of sorption equation and the values of GAB constants of which Mo=7.5075, C=14.3886, K=0.7051 for Teff seed and Mo=6.9656, C=10.4012, K=0.7255 for Teff flour respectively. The shelf life of the product was predicted using, Mpack software developed in-house to "prediction of the shelf life of moisture sensitive products" using GAB parameters and packaging Schedule.