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Sustainability is the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely, therefore not hindering the future in any way, neither environmental, nor economic or social. The entire scientific community around the world recognizes and attributes the main cause of climate change and temperature anomaly to the significant increase of anthropogenic CO2 emissions, which in turn are the result of a linear economy of production, consumption and disposal. By 2030 the EU expects all packaging to be either recyclable or reusable. In this context, flexible packaging, always hailed as a sustainable and resource-efficient alternative to rigid packaging, is now being challenged, in terms of its recyclability and its preponderant role in pollution of seas and oceans. To avoid litter, leakage and marine pollution, flexibles must be collected within a recognized waste stream, and strictly kept out of general, undifferentiated garbage. GualapackGroup therefore promotes and advocates the collection of all packaging, and specifically the flexible plastic fraction of household waste. GualapackGroup is actively working to improve the recyclability of its packaging solutions and is at an advanced stage of prototyping and developing its first monomaterial, recyclable spouted pouch.