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Current packaging identifications are based on barcode, Ean/GTIN, QR code. These systems offered great advantages but with some limitations: bad impact, duplicability and they are unreadable.

Printed package, today, is simply a container, a static product. Printed packaging communication is already obsolete when products arrive on the shelf, while Consumers ask to be key player: They need information, interactivity, customization.

“The connected package” represents the next generation in packaging communication.

StealthCode® is based on Digimarc® technology, a unique watermark enhanced into the file design. It adds traditional GTIN barcode and URL information over the entire surface of the package without compromising design because it is imperceptible to the human eye.

StealthCode® platform technology system is composed by a free app (iOS/Android) for customer experience & dynamic communication and a powerful BackOffice for big data collection: StealthCode® system represents the most advanced example of dynamic communication. It is useful for brands and products promotion (Brand Loyalty & Customer Engagement), keeping track of each single watermark (readings, location, URL),collecting big data to adopt customized marketing strategies and to enrich the customer experience: Simply scanning the product using the free App StealthCode®, users enjoy the contents, strategic for marketing and communication (product information, receipts, advises).