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This paper, as the title underlines, will be focused on flame treatment technology applications, mainly on BOPP substrates.

After an introduction regarding flame chemistry and BOPP surface activation mechanisms, this paper will be focused on unique flame treatment oxidation performances, in comparison with other treatment methods actually used in the market.

Focus will then be moved to the characteristics and advantages of using flame treatment for film surface treatment. In particular, a comparison will be run with other surface treatment technologies (corona surface treatment and atmospheric plasma treatment) in terms of:

  • q surface energy after treatment;
  • surface oxidation mechanisms and chemical species involved;
  • quantity of oxygen on treated surface (oxidation level);
  • quality of oxygen on treated surface;
  • adhesion;
  • printability/print quality.

Typical and new applications of flame treatment will be presented, underlining benefits coming from flame usage for pretreating different types of skins. Finally, the paper will try to make rid of prejudices and misinformation concerning flame treatment process applications, especially to certain kind of webs and substrates.