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Research Abstract


InSight AR is a site-specific Augmented Reality project and mobile phone app produced for the popular Sculptures by the Sea Bondi exhibition, to be held in Sydney Australia in 2021. It forms uncanny relations between virtual sculptures, visitors, the environment and the art on site. The project is comprised of three parts: an outdoor work using AR plane detection and geo-location, AR image and spatial tracking for an indoor exhibit and a 3D map of the coastal walk, also presented in AR. The work is designed to be playful, fun and it encourages its viewers to share their experience on social media. At the same time, the audience has the opportunity to learn more about a selection of iconic classical sculptures and get a better understanding of the medium AR and its variants.


Download the app for iOS or Android at: https://kuchelmeister.net/dev/isar.html

Project documentation: https://kuchelmeister.net/portfolio/insight-ar/