Aims & Scope

Frameless Journal is an open-access, peer-reviewed publication that offers the opportunity for researchers, authors, practitioners, and emerging professionals in the fields of Augmented, Virtual, Mixed, and Extended Reality to publish their work.

Along with our affiliate organization, Frameless Labs, the Journal showcases the most innovative applications of immersive, experiential technologies from an ever-expanding range of disciplines and offers a forum for discussions concerning technology and analysis; case studies and pedagogy; theories and aesthetics of these immersive technologies as well as their history, influence, and impact on contemporary culture, heritage, public interest, and other arenas.

Established in 2019, Frameless Journal has been a single annual publication, consisting of the proceedings of the Frameless Labs Symposium. The contents of the Journal have been select abstracts, papers, and research underpinnings of the demonstrations, workshops and performances that make up the Symposium in a given year. We are planning to make the Journal a biannual publication beginning in 2021, with a second issue that contains longer form papers and research documents separate from the Symposium, which may or may not be curated around a theme.

Our high standards are maintained by a diverse, international Editorial Board comprising researchers, practitioners, and innovators in industry, education, and related fields who support our goal of publishing a respected and sought-after journal that contains work of the highest quality each year. The Editorial Board adheres to our Code of Conduct, Confidentiality, and Conflict of Interest statements which are available on the Frameless Journal website. The Editorial Board seeks nominations year-round. Please contact the journal editors, Juilee Decker and David Halbstein, for more information.