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The study was conducted to investigate the influence of flipped learning strategy on high school students’ learning outcomes in Biology in Osun State. The study adopted a descriptive survey and respondents used for the study were three hundred and fifty (350) students were randomly selected from twelve (12) High Schools in Osun State. The study consists of one research question and one research hypothesis. The instrument used to obtain information on this research was an inventory. Frequency counts and percentages with mean deviation was the descriptive statistics used. The research findings revealed that flipped learning strategy has a positive influence on high school students’ learning outcome in Biology. Based on the findings, the study was a significant effect of the use of flipped instruction model on student learning outcomes in Biology, because the use of Video recorded lecture, the in-class discussion and all other enrichment activities allowed by moving content delivery outside of class time provides opportunities for students to develop vital learning skills needed including critical thinking, communications, and collaboration.