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For this demo, I have created two projects—VR Tangram puzzle and 360-degree panoramic video—using Unreal Engine. The VR Tangram puzzle game was created using an environment built and modeled by a student peer in the 3D Digital Design program at RIT, Regina Niu. I then scripted the visual with blueprint in Unreal Engine using gravity, grabbing, and absorption. This game is made to show the traditional tangram puzzle game in a new interactive form, with the goals of arousing childhood memories in adults and helping youth have a better understanding of the past culture. The 360-degree panoramic video is a personal technical attempt by me after research and study. I used the Stereo PanoramicMovie Capture plugin and Scene Capture Cube tool and chose the monoscopic as final presentation. These steps yielded arelatively simple method to achieve panoramic effect.

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