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In this work, we present a serious VR game named "Lunar Roving Adventure." This game is based on the activities of the Apollo 16 lunar exploration mission in the 1970s. In the Apollo 16 mission, astronauts landed on the Moon and drove the lunar rover. The goal of this game is to motivate them to learn more about the lunar exploration missions and gain interest in space science. The game includes three gaming phases: planning, preparing, and driving. The screenshots of the three gaming phases are shown in Fig. 1. In the Planning phase, the player plans and creates the route of the mission by placing tokens on a 3D lunar terrain map. They need to learn to use the coordinate system and do some calculations. In the Preparing phase, the player selects and loads devices onto the lunar rover based on the requirements of the mission. In the Driving phase, the player drives the rover through all the stop stations to the end of the route. They need to operate the navigation devices to determine the direction. They also need to control the speed to avoid overheating problems. As shown in Fig. 2, the lunar terrain is converted from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) data of Descartes Highlands. That was the place where the real Apollo 16 Lunar Module landed.