Learning Disabilities affect individuals in all age groups and affect how one comprehends the information they receive. Individuals with learning disabilities are often distracted by their surroundings and face difficulties to follow paths in surroundings. Learning disabilities can be addressed with proper support, feedback, and assistive technology. Schools provide children a favorable environment to learn and can support overcoming such difficulties with the help of different activities. This paper discusses the design of a sensory exploration system for individuals with Autism Spectrum to help them learn how to follow paths and not get distracted. The sensory exploration system is called “MoonPads" and is designed for use in school environments to teach students and overcome their path following difficulties. MoonPads can be operated and controlled by an Android Mobile Application (App) for use in hallways, and classrooms to teach children how to go from one classroom to another. With the help of a pressure sensor, microcontroller, radio module, and colored LED’s, the MoonPads serve as an effective learning tool for individuals with learning disabilities. The sensory exploration system discussed was prototyped on a breakout board and experimented with multiple MoonPads using the App.

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Master's Project

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Electrical Engineering (MS)

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Electrical Engineering (KGCOE)


Mark A. Indovina

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