Mobile communication has become one of the most important and fast developing technology in the past couple of decades. Future of telecommunication raises a high demand for higher data rate and system capacity. There are plenty of researches taking place across the world to provide a better service. One such research is Faster than Nyquist signaling and it has grabbed the attention of many researchers in the recent past. In digital communication implemented using Nyquist pulses, the pulse rate is upper-bounded by twice the channel bandwidth. Signaling above this rate results in the loss of pulse orthogonality and introduces ISI. However, under certain conditions, it is possible to lose orthogonality and still maintain the same error probability, as Nyquist signaling. This allows time-compression of the transmitted symbols, resulting in a larger data rate than predicted by classic information theory results. The ISI caused by FTN signaling has a trellis structure and the transmitted symbols can be decoded using the Viterbi or BCJR algorithms.

In this thesis, we introduce an algorithm that can automatically generate the trellis for any pulse shape, constellation and time-compression factor. we have simulated the FTN system, processed and decoded by the Viterbi decoder using the trellis generated by the proposed algorithm for BPSK and PAM 4 constellations with raised cosine pulses. The simulation results are promising and encourage more research in this direction. We have discussed possible directions this research can be pursued in future work. Overall, the results would indicate that the FTN technology has a significant potential for the next generation wireless communication.

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Trellis-coded modulation; Demodulation (Electronics); Wireless communication systems; Signal processing--Digital techniques--Mathematics

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Telecommunications Engineering Technology (MS)

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Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering Technology (CET)


Miguel Bazdresch

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William P. Johnson

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Mark J. Indelicato


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